Safely Does It

December 2020: Regulations from HMG have been revised yet again so we have made some alterations to this COVID notice while keeping the gist of it the same.  The main changes are that customers may not use the pub for just a drink. They continue to need to wear face masks until they are seated, front of house staff all the time and the pub will close at it’s usual time  of 11pm.

I know I’m biased but I really do think pubs are important. Closeness with your family and friends and eating and drinking together is part of the fabric of life and keeps our souls nourished and in equilibrium. We need contact with other human beings, especially our loved ones. Or at least most of them. (Beer's good too)

So we need to keep the pub alive and will be doing all we can to make our customers feel comfortable.  We’ve tried to keep it as much like the Swan of yore but we have to follow Boris’ rules as well as trying to manage our little business through the financial quagmire. I think the key to this is common sense. This is what we have decided to do: 


It’s best to book your table in advance, preferably through our website but we can also take bookings by telephone. 

We ask you to follow the household Government guidance about groups of no more than 6 people from any household, including children. We won’t be able to check who’s who so we trust you to do the right thing. 

Getting into the pub and social distancing

In these times it’s not wise to be close to each other. A virus will find it harder to find you if you’re over there. 

We ask you to use the proper front door when you arrive at the pub, that is the one on the road. We know many of you have never used it before because it’s round the corner from the patio door but it’s actually a nicer entrance so you might well take to it. If you need a step-free entrance ignore that guidance and use the patio as both entrance and exit. 

Once through the door, someone from the staff will take your drink order and help you to find your table. We have made sure that all our tables are safely distanced.  In light of HMG's latest regulations all guests are required to wear a face covering when in the pub, except when sat at a table.

Government Track and Trace scheme

Boris has asked us to get details of our customers in case there’s another outbreak locally. This seems sensible to me so we will keep the booking contact as the main contact and ask you to scan HMG's new Track and Trace QR Code which will be on the bar. We won’t keep this information for longer than we are asked to by the authorities and we won’t give it to anyone else. We respect our customers privacy and will not exploit the situation. 


Our housekeeping team do a really good job of keeping the pub clean even in normal times. I’m always proud of how the place looks. During these Covid days we have extended the cleaning hours to allow common contact surfaces to be cleaned every day. In addition to this we will have cleaning throughout the day. It can’t be perfect, viruses are tenacious little devils, but it all helps. 

Table Service

Our staff will do their best to keep a safe distance where possible during service.  Cutlery will be placed in tankards on your table, and will be replaced after each sitting. Alongside this, salt and pepper shakers and table surfaces will be sanitised regularly through the day.  We will be looking after you at your table, so please do not go up to the bar to order your food or drink. Individual use menus will be found on the table, then recycled and replaced after each sitting. 

Bar Service

The principle is that we’re going to have table service so you don’t need to go to the bar. Tom and I are devastated that we can’t have people huddled around the counter, it’s so lovely to have all those people chatting with one another. After all this is a large part of what a pub is about. To drink alcohol in the pub you must order a substantial meal.


We’ve never booked outside tables and we won’t be doing so now but you are more than welcome to sit outside where there will be full table service. Again, please resist visiting the bar and instead wait for a member of staff to come over and take your order, whether it be drinks or food.  


We have thought about having some sort of system for marshalling people using the loos but have decided that we should trust you to keep social distancing in the toilets, and toilet corridor. It should be fairly easy as there’s plenty of room. We will be cleaning the high touch points at least every hour.  


Pay by contactless card if you can or perhaps one of those smart phone apps. We will take cash if we need to. 

Feeling unwell?

If you feel unwell, or are in contact with someone showing COVID symptoms, please give us a call and we will happily rearrange your reservation for another day when you are feeling better.

and finally

Let me remind you of the end of Henry V’s rousing speech before the battle of Agincourt. You know the one, “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more ….” , that finishes:

"I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot:
Follow your spirit; and upon this charge,
Cry ‘God for Harry! England! and Saint George!’ "

It’s probably a bit over the top for the village pub reopening but we are both very excited to be back.  

Cheers, Tom and Jerry.