Blended Swan

We’d really like to be open now, pulling pints, serving good food, hearing the hum of our guests catching up after being kept away from each other for so long, but as you know we can’t because of our government’s nonsensical rules.

So when do we think we should open?

We’ve debated, discussed and number crunched and everything comes back to how big a risk it would be to fire up our entire operation for an offering that is not in keeping with how we want to run our pubs.  Our gardens are small, they’re not covered and not heated, it rains a lot in April and it’s cold from 6pm, those being our main concerns.

Because of this, I hope you’ll understand, we will be waiting for indoor trading to be allowed which is Monday 17th May - sorry about the delay but it must be. We really look forward to seeing you then.

Cheers, Tom and Jerry

"Best New Pub in the UK"  - The Good Pub Guide 2020

"Summer Pub of the Year 2019"  - South Cheshire CAMRA